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About Atelier

" Memories are fleeting and each shot that's taken, I feel, borrows those memories for just a little bit longer so we can enjoy them and roll them around in our heads.  Those special moments, captured forever-that's priceless.

Every photo I take reaffirms that there is still beauty and wonder in the world-in us all.  From the silent, secret wisdom of a newborn's gaze to the ecstatic joy of a bride just married...

There is nothing quite like this, and I am there with my camera capturing that great love and making it far more permanent than the moment itself.

I think quite often to myself that I am sure to be one of the luckiest people in the world."


                                                        -Elizabeth Schatz - Owner, Principle Photographer



Photography Atelier is a studio created and owned by Elizabeth.  She has owned her own studio and been a professional wedding photographer for 18 years as well as competed a bachelor's degree in fine art and education.

In order to ensure the finest quality of the art she provides, Photography Atelier only commits to a limited number of weddings per year.